Souad is an experienced business educator who has turned to games as a building tool for learning.  Her research interests are in marketing simulation games, machine learning,  leadership, management and social change.  Souad's research focuses on evaluating the impact of games that is purposefully designed to improve business statistical and computational learning in a range of academic areas (Serious Games, Human Computer Interaction, 3D Modelling, Software Engineering, Information System, Games for business education, Leadership, and Management and Social Change).

 Trees with a pond.


Marketing Simulation Games, Mobile App Development & Technology.
Digital Marketing, Emotional Marketing B2B, B2C
Mixed Methods for Business Research.
Machine learning, deep learning.
Employment/ Graduate Employment.
Marketing Analytics, Online Consumer Behaviour/Experience.

A beehive.



  • Digital Marketing Practice, MSc Postgraduates

  • Digital Marketing, 2nd year Undergraduates

  • Business Research Methods, 3rd year Undergraduates

  • Business Data Analysis, 1st year Undergraduates

  • Project Management, 2nd year Undergraduates

  • Basic Web Design, 1st year Undergraduates

  • Business Research Methods, 2nd year Undergraduates

  • Applied Statistics, 3rd year Undergraduates

  • Business Organisation in Global context, 1st Year Undergraduates

  • Business Data Analysing Information, 1st year Undergraduates

  • Principles of Geopolitics, 1st year Undergraduates

  • Computing Creative Environment, 1st year Undergraduates